Altitude Above sea level
Weather S, seco y cálido todo el año
Temperature 80°-60° F / 27°-15°C aprox.
Rainy season Almost none
Accessibility Air - land

Located on Peru’s northern coast, Chiclayo is the capital of the department of Lambayeque. A land full of contrasts close to the sea, presiding over an inexorable desert mixed in with fertile valleys that, centuries ago, saw the development of cultures such as the Mochica and Chimu, which dominated a large part of northern Peru.

Known as the Capital of Friendship, it is a true delight for history and archaeology buffs, as it is home to extraordinary archaeological complexes, and two of Peru’s best museums: the Bruning, with a broad sampling of several regional cultures; and the Royal Tombs, home to the Lord of Sipan, the largest archaeological find of the modern world.

Moreover, Chiclayo’s spicy, delicious cuisine and its traditional dances such as the tondero and the zamacueca make this a very attractive and complete destination.

Other noteworthy places of interest are the Huaca Rajada Funerary Complex, located about 35 km (22 miles) from Chiclayo, where the tomb of the Lord of Sipan (the highest ranking tomb of Moche culture) was found; as well as the Tucume Pyramids and the Batan Grande complex, two groups of truncated pyramids made out of adobe and which were part of two urban centers belonging to Sican.

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