Social responsibility

Coltur has developed the following activities as part of its social responsibility program.

Publicado: 08/01/2015 - 18:02
Staff de Coltur

In October the Ministry of Culture launched a campaign to clean the Inca walls in Cusco city, and we were extremely proud when our whole office vol

Publicado: 08/01/2015 - 18:00

Early in December we celebrated Christmas for the children of the small Andean village of Patapampa.

Publicado: 07/10/2013 - 11:47

All of these involved restoration work, promotion and development of travel destinations, implementation of interpretation cente

Publicado: 01/04/2013 - 10:49

The mission of Tourism Cares is to preserve the travel experience for future generations by caring for our historic, cultural an

Publicado: 13/03/2013 - 18:18

This time it was their turn...!

Publicado: 13/03/2013 - 17:42

GIVING is not enough... SHARING is all