Master Weavers

Dreams and traditions

“No two articles woven by the same weaver are ever the same.”
Nilda’s wise words are music to our ears.

This adventure began many years ago when Nilda became interested in the complex and traditional Chinchero designs that only the elders in her community could produce.

She learned these techniques and her skill became known throughout the region. After her university studies, Nilda worked to set up the first groups of weavers in the region and changed the course of history.

Without her dedication and vision, this ancient tradition would have been lost.

Today, Nilda gives visitors an intimate look at the challenges surrounding her efforts, and how her, and other Andean communities, have benefitted from such.

All of this was borne of a dream: to preserve the ancestral techniques that the Incas used to create weavings that stand out for their rustic beauty and complex designs.

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